High Tech Hot Water System

  • This innovative heat pump is fast and quiet, with a wide operating temperature range, making it a superior, long-lasting choice for hot water.
  • Water heating can account for 16% of the average energy bill. To help reduce these costs, we offer rebates or discounts for replacing your old, inefficient system with a more efficient one.
  • We are committed to leading the way in the renewable energy transition.
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Sailax Hot Water System

Energy Out Of Thin Air

Our heat pump range uses smart, renewable technology to extract energy from the surrounding air of the unit, then utilises that thermal energy into generating hot water. This method of energy extraction means the heat pump doesn’t have to rely on conventional gas or direct sunlight to provide hot water for your home or business.

Save 70% On Your Energy Bills

Reduce your energy bills significantly with this energy efficient system. With the cost of operating it dropping considerably, the system is going to save you money for the years to come.

Reduce Your Carbon Emission

Designed to work on an abundantly available renewable energy, the system helps you and your family to reduce your carbon footprint on this planet.

Heavily Discounted/Subsidized

The Victorian Energy Upgrades Program offers substantial subsidies, enabling you to acquire an energy-efficient system without any upfront investment. Begin enjoying savings from Day 1 of installation with a more efficient system, courtesy of support from both federal and state governments. This program makes energy efficiency accessible and affordable, ensuring a sustainable future for all.

Steps to Apply Now

Step 1: Fill in the application form here on the website

Step 2: Receive a call from our experts within 24-48 hours of application submission. They would perform a quick eligibility assessment and inform you of the result instantly.

Step 3: Our scheduling team would take your date and time preferences and schedule the job accordingly.

Step 4: Start using the energy efficient system for hot water soon after installation

We provide end-to-end service and the customer is not expected to do anything. The entire hassle free process would take 1-2 weeks based on your location. Call us if you have any doubts regarding the initiative.