Sailax Media

Sailax Group visions and work towards creating a sustainable village while supporting local businesses. It is a leading innovation-driven brand that works constantly towards developing products that make the world a better place to live. Sailax Media venture is an innovative medium that is designed to help all small and local businesses develop sustainable solutions for the years to come.

Influence. Inspire. Impact

We build an environment that embraces trust, which gives our team courage to push boundaries in the digital world. We tailor our strategies to connect you to your target with the right message at the right time. We go the extra mile and create the most incredible result with great teamwork.

Adding more value to your brand value

Higher ROI from Digital Marketing

ROI or return on investment (ROI) is important for the success of any marketing initiative. As a brand, tracking and calculating your ROI can help you determine your social media strategy- whether it's working or there is room for improvisation. Saliax Media team helps improve your digital marketing ROI enabling you to run your marketing campaign successfully while growing your business.

Growth Enablers on Social Media

It doesn’t matter whether you have a big enterprise or a small corner shop. What matters most is how well you trend on social media and is your ad campaigns helping your business to grow.

Social platforms are the best way to be in trend. It gives you a wide platform to showcase your brand, products and services while keeping you connected with your target audience. As your media partner, we will help keep you in trend by increasing brand awareness and boosting your sales and leads.

Process driven Activities & Actions

Sailax Media winning process includes research, strategic planning, execution and optimization to reach, engage & convert audience into your loyal customers.

Higher Engagement

If you are looking to maximise your reach and enhance your overall customer engagement for the next ad campaign- then you are on the right page. Reach in social media means - the number of people who have seen your ad at least once. We at Sailax Media help your ad reach your target audience while keeping them engaged.

Our vision behind investing in Digital Media is to help SMEs sail through their struggling marketing needs. Our media team works as per the market trend and design customised media plans that attract customers and also incur revenue. We have also designed a mobile app that helps businesses send SMS messages, emails and Whatsapp messages to existing users easily. Our media service also provides an Email marketing panel (similar to Mailchimp), customised CRM and all other digital/design services like- Online Reputation Management, Website Design & Development, Search Engine Optimization, Creative Content Creation, Social Media Marketing, Branding Strategy, Video Production and Pay Per Click services.

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