About Us

With over 50 years of experience in building sustainable products, Sailax Group works on making lifestyle better with technology. There is no substitute for quality and so we continue to make successful contributions to sustainable development. Our products are reliable and efficient which continue to drive innovation.

Sailax group believes in diversification because of our commitment to the society. As such our expertise extends to Solar, LED, AI, Digital Business Cards, Hot water system and Digital Marketing. We secure and save by becoming ecologically sound and urging people to choose the same. Just like- LED light save more energy and converts 95% of the consumed energy into light and 5% into heat our Solar LED lights gets charged with daylight and saves electricity consumption.

Sailax Group is a leading AI technology service provider that was touted as the ‘world’s first Ai-based video monitoring technology'. And our Digital Business Card is a pioneer in itself. The journey from paper to digital cards is a new and innovative technique. While our hot water system is VIC Government approved and we are working in collaboration with them to make industrial and household consumption need easy.

Our Vision

Sailax Group believes in creating a sustainable global village by providing affordable alternative solutions.

Our Mision

We at Sailax Group, constantly work towards innovating and developing products that make the world a better place to live and keep us on the vanguard of technology.

Change Management

Sustainability is not a ploy but it is our core principle and we have been constantly working towards it. Our keen focus on bettering life with technology has let us develop ventures like Solar, LED, AI, Digital Business Cards, Media and Heat Pumps. We aim to provide an affordable, alternative, and sustainable solutions.

Our eco-friendly products are reliable and efficient that drives innovation and help save energy. Sailax’s decarbonise system plays a pivotal role in slowing down and reversing climate change.

Environment First

We’re here to help you Switch!! The urgency is real and initiative needs to be taken by everyone for a better future. We aim to do and inspire people for a greener planet. It’s the treasure that we have borrowed from our children and we have to pass it on in a better way. And as we work towards strengthening our commitment, Sailax has developed its products that are sustainable and eco-friendly. We believe even a small initiative by a single person can bring change in his relative environment.


Global warming is a concern that needs immediate action. While some are taking it seriously others are still harassing the available resources. This has resulted in this recent pandemic condition where oxygen is on Sale!

Understanding the importance of a greener and cleaner planet, Sailax Group is constantly engaged in innovating solutions that develop affordable and eco-friendly products. Powered by a team of experts, Sailax has been working rigorously for almost 5 decades in this field. We help government and households to understand and initiate the need of the hour for a healthy environment. We don’t pitch you a solution, rather we design a solution based on your and our vision to save our planet. Sailax is committed to 100% customer satisfaction. We aim to keep up with the dynamic demands of our clientele and work towards it with utmost dedication. Our AI solution is the best example of this. Our innovative AI technique has designed in such a way that it can be started with a push and play button. We have also taken saving paper seriously and launched Digital Business Cards that is available with the click of a button. Your profile can be shared with a click via mobile phone rather than carrying a bunch of paper cards. Talking more about our innovation, our Hot Water solution uses thin air to generate thermal energy for both industrial and household usage.

We are a team of innovators... Come and join us in this green environment initiative.