VIC Hot Water Systems: Own Savings of $1,000+ a Year

  • Both federal and state governments in Victoria are committed to helping households reduce energy expenses.
  • Take advantage of this initiative by switching from traditional electric or gas hot water systems to energy-efficient Heat Pumps.
  • Across Australia, households are now saving over $1,000 annually with this modern hot water solution.
  • Traditional electric water heaters are known for their high energy consumption.
  • By upgrading, households with an average of five members, consuming 180 liters of hot water daily, can cut up to 70% off their water heating costs.
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How Does It Work?

  • The Victorian Government sets annual greenhouse gas reduction targets for energy retailers.
  • To meet these targets, energy retailers must purchase Victorian Energy Efficiency Certificates (VEECs).
  • Each certificate represents one tonne of greenhouse gas reduced or prevented from entering the atmosphere.
  • These certificates fund product discounts, allowing you to benefit from government incentives.
  • Enjoy savings on your lighting bills with no catch—simply take advantage of the program!
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Rebate Overview: Solar Victoria Hot Water

Created as a portfolio entity within the Department of Environment, Water, Land and Planning, Solar Victoria is responsible for the delivery of the Victorian Government’s Solar Homes Program – one of the most ambitious and transformative renewable energy programs in Australia.

The program is a key initiative in the Victorian Government’s commitment to reduce energy costs, boost energy supply, create new jobs in the renewables sector and tackle climate change.

In the first year of program operations, over 33,000 households have taken up the program offering and installed Solar PV and Solar Hot Water systems. This rapid take up highlights the willingness of Victorians to adopt renewable energy technology, take charge of their power bills and to create a better future.


  • A high quality, energy saving water service
  • Split System
  • Water capacity: 800 Litres
  • 7 year tank warranty
  • Australian design & support
  • High efficiency DC inverter technology
  • Wi-Fi enabled for connection to the Emerald app for
  • Smart control and easy troubleshooting
  • R290 hydrocarbon - low Global Warming Potential (GWP)
  • Optional built-in electric heater as backup

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