Go Green with Sailax Solar!

Sailax Solar

Sailax Solar solution help reduce the use of fossil fuels and lowering the greenhouse gas emission while improving the air quality. We work towards developing a world free from pollution and waste. Solar is a powerful and sustainable energy that also saves money.

Having years of experience in the field, Sailax provides high-quality solar system solutions that have a wide range of benefits for our planet. We are known for our on-time quality assured service. Our specialized team works on delivering you a fully customized system as per your unique requirements. Sailax Solar products are CEC approved and certified. Our motto is to make your investment fruitful while achieving our goal of enriching our planet with greenery.

Benefits of Using Sailax Solar

Premium Solar Systems

While delivering the best among the rest, Sailax Solar brings you a premium range of solar panels, inverters and batteries to choose from. We develop the system as per your requirements and energy needs. After installation, our customers have marked 60% of remarkable deduction in their monthly electricity bills. It is a step towards a cleaner and greener planet.

Tailor-Made Solar System

Does your monthly electricity bill give you a shock? We at Sailax Solar can help to reduce it. Our tailor-made solar unit will help determine your requirement after a thorough assessment at the site of installation.

Making Your System Cash Flow Positive

Still stuck with the solar system that causes your bank account a dent, every month? We will suggest you to switch to Saliax Solar that will help save you more every month.

Long Workmanship Warranty

Worried about what happens after installation? Don’t be, we are available for you from the registration process to post-installation with a 24/7 monitoring service. Now you can rest assured with Sailax Solar a total warranty service that is performing optimally all the time.

Switch to Sailax Solar

Electricity bills have been skyrocketing all across Australia. By having your own system to generate electricity, both for household and business you are assured for a long-term reduction in the electricity bill. Solar energy installation can also help your company meet its CSR goals by ensuring environmental sustainability. Our solar experts will guide you on product specifications and the savings incurred from it. With the availability of government rebates, this is the perfect time to install Sailax Solar in your home and office.

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