Sailax AI

The world is changing to new technology every minute and so do we. At Sailax Group we believe in creating systems that are technology-driven and are ready to adapt with the changes. The world we live in is uncertain, unpredictable and mankind is susceptible to disease and dangers. Looking at changing time, Sailax is determined to recreate and revolutionise the scope of the security system by switching to advanced Ai technique and deep machine learning systems to make processes more proactive than reactive. Touted as the world’s first Ai based video monitoring solution, Sailax AI is bespoke to be installed in all types of organization from small to large.

We have also installed an AI system in public spaces like airports and train stations. At, Sailax Group we are determined to provide a long-lasting and sustainable strategy for your business as per the requirement. While the technology uses existing hardware, there is no capital expenditure or additional investment to get your site ready for AI.

Sailax AI’s reliable & safe technological
system delivers-

Process Monitoring Solutions

Our customised solution gets integrated with the existing CCTV cameras installed at home or offices. It helps you monitor activities of concern while it also sends daily reports to the authorized person. It’s a great system to keep your loved ones and employees safe from any kind of fraud or theft.

Business Intelligence Solutions

Sailax Ai technology is a powerful business intelligence arsenal. It connects you efficiently with your customers and helps in managing your operations more effectively.

Nursing Home Solutions

Artificial intelligence is a unique system that has helped in improving the medical system like- nurse on call facility. We at Sailax AI develop top-notch AI-driven competence to empower your medical system and tackle with any kind of crisis. Based on your requirement, we provide both Real-Time and Non-Real-Time solutions at best possible price.

COVID Solutions

It’s a time crisis where the entire world is hard hit by the pandemic and recovering from it is again a tough task. In this challenging time, Sailax AI has developed a real-time monitoring solution that can mitigate the risk of opening your doors to the public. This Artificial intelligence is designed to monitor temperature scanning, use of protective equipment and maintaining social distancing protocols.

Sailax AI

Our world-class AI-driven competence provides you with new management capabilities that enhance your resilience to current challenges and those of the future.

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