We believe in putting environment first

With our initiatives, we aim to inspire people to do their bit to live in a better, greener and safer world.

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Career @ Sailax

Sailax could be a great workplace for you because we are

    We, at Sailax are dedicated to working toward a more sustainable future and invite those who feel proud in doing their bit for Mother Nature and the future generations. Being a global company, we offer opportunities to work with diverse multicultural teams. We seek unique thinkers and smart workers - if you are one of them, you are in the right place.

    Group provides endless opportunities for professional growth in promising times like these. A stimulating work environment, rich and diverse exposure and an inspiring leadership are few reasons that make Sailax Group a great place to work.

    We envision for you a fulfilling career journey brimmed with fun and lots of coffee.

What’s New?

Sailax greener solution helps create a better tomorrow. For our effective and sustainable development work, we won the Australian Enterprise Awards for 2021. We are stepping towards a new beginning, as we announce the launch of Sailax Media. Our digital diligence will provide full-house digital marketing services and much more.

With the new technology in line, we take pride in announcing our new Hot Water System that uses renewable technology to extract energy from the thin air of the surrounding to create thermal energy. To work on these innovative solutions we are shortly going to open our offices with all covid-19 protocols in view.

What We Offer

Sailax Solar

It’s not always easy making the big decisions. However, solar energy provides so many positive kickbacks for home and business owners it’s hard to look away. Australia has the highest solar radiation per square metre of any continent, making it an incredible solar resource to protect the future of your family, your business and the planet.

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Sailax LED

Sailax Group, under its initiative to help make a greener, healthier world, launches another eco-friendly means of living Sailax LED lights. Our mission is to light each and every household and commercial place with LED lights. Eliminate the use of halogen and incandescent bulbs which are absolute hazardous substances for the environment.

Every step towards change counts. What the situation calls for is a sprint. A small change taken up by all will be that sprint we take and need.

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Sailax AI

The CCTV industry has radically transformed during the past years with the incorporation of AI technology. At Sailax, we help you believe in this theory with uninterrupted and breakthrough manufacturing, retail and large and small scale public infrastructure.

We make your existing CCTV cameras report automatically for any concerns you have.

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Sailax DBC

Going paperless lessens the burden we put on Earth. It’s highly imperative we switch to a more effective alternative before it’s too late. Sailax Digital Business Card is an innovative way to create multiple digital professional cards which is also cost-effective. It has a biometric and face recognition login panel that makes it a secured app. It has a fully customised system wherein users can upload their photos, videos, articles and other related works. Its customized system allows users to change the font and background style as per their professional requirement. It is a safe and secure way to reach your prospect with just a few clicks.

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Hot Water System

Our Hot Water System range uses smart, renewable technology to extract energy from the surrounding air of the unit, then utilises that thermal energy into generating hot water. This method of energy extraction means the Hot Water System doesn’t have to rely on conventional gas or direct sunlight to provide hot water for your home or business.

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Sailax Media

Sailax Media, celebrates the digital diligence of Digital marketing strategies and powerful business expansion. We provide top to bottom media mix services, Search engine optimization, content creation, Website Designing & Development, Social media, branding expertise and much more.

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