We Empower Your Home with Complete,
Safer Energy Solutions

Hot Water System

Our Hot Water System range uses smart, renewable technology to extract energy from the surrounding air and convert it into hot water. This means it doesn't rely on gas or direct sunlight to heat water for your home or business.

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Sailax Solar

Choosing solar energy offers numerous benefits for home and business owners. With Australia having the highest solar radiation per square meter, it’s an incredible resource for securing the future of your family, business, and the planet.

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EV Chargers

Sailax is revolutionizing how you power up. Our cutting-edge chargers attract eco-conscious customers, enhance your brand's image, and reduce emissions. With fast, reliable charging, Sailax EV Chargers support the shift to electric mobility. Power up your business and join the green movement today.

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Sailax DBC

Sailax Digital Business Card offers a cost-effective, innovative way to create multiple digital cards. Going paperless reduces our environmental impact and speeds up connections. With secure biometric and face recognition login, it’s customizable for photos, videos, articles, and more. Reach prospects safely and easily with just a few clicks.

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Sailax LED

Under our commitment to a greener world, Sailax Group introduces Sailax LED lights. Our mission is to Illuminate every home and business with eco-friendly LED lighting, eliminating hazardous halogen and incandescent bulbs. Every change matters. Let's sprint towards a greener future together.

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Sailax AI

Sailax is dedicated to transform the CCTV Industry as it has undergone a revolution with AI technology. Sailax AI leads the way in manufacturing, retail, and public infrastructure.Sailax AI solution enables your existing CCTV cameras to automatically report any concerns.

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Sailax Media

Sailax Media, celebrates the digital diligence of Digital marketing strategies and powerful business expansion. We provide top to bottom media mix services, Search engine optimization, content creation, Website Designing & Development, Social media, branding expertise and much more.

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  • 10 K+

    (Hot Water System)

  • 500 +

    (EV Charger)

  • 4 M+

    (LED Installed)

  • 200 K+

    (DBC App Installed)

  • 200 K+

    (Solar Panel Installed)

  • 50 K+

    (AI Powered Sites)

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