We have over 50 years combined experience in all our venture fields.

We have grown with the growth of our ventures, successfully making considerable contribution towards a better, healthier and greener world.


Our Mission

Sailax Group is an initiative to inspire people to do their bit to live in a better, greener, safer world.

Our Vision

To provide the best alternatives to the world to lead a sustainable life and to make maximum contribution towards countering Global Warming and other disastrous environmental phenomenon.


Sailax Solar

Our initiative to make solar power accessible to all has helped in reducing and eventually eliminating electricity bills.

Sailax LED

With over 4.5M LED lights installed throughout Australia, Sailax LED initiative has been on the path to success in combating Global Warming.

Sailax AI

The power of artificial intelligence being tactfully used to enhance safety measures taken for public and security software.

Sailax Digital Business Cards

Going paperless lessens the burden we put on Earth. With air quality dropping by the second, It’s highly imperative we take a step towards.

Why choose us.

Merits we have earned


(LED Installed)


(Solar Panel Sold)


(DBC App Installed)


(AI Software Sold)

We have a global network of clients

Our client-base is spread across the globe covering over 9 countries including India, Australia, China, US and more. Our goal however, stays unaccomplished. We aim to spread our reach across 17+ countries, and with the positive response received by maximum users for our services, the aim will not be hard to accomplish.

Client Testimonial