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Take control of your energy needs with Sailax Solar.

Solar power has wide-ranging benefits for our planet. From reducing our use of fossil fuels, lowering energy prices to reducing greenhouse gases and improving air quality, solar power is a great sustainable and green energy choice.

With the availability of government rebates, this is the perfect time to install solar on your home or office. However, make sure you’re installing a high quality solar system instead of the standard ones that are outdated and produce only a fraction of the savings promised.

Sailax Solar safeguards your investment in solar and makes it count.

Sailax Solar

Benefits of Using Sailax Solar


Best Energy Plan

At Sailax Solar, we guarantee that you’re always on the best energy plan. We check your live energy data to assess against over 5,000 electricity plans across Australia. With Sailax Solar, you get to save around $450 per year on an average.

Electricity bill forecasts and usage alerts

Ever been shocked by an electricity bill? At Sailax Solar, you can avoid that completely. We notify you about how you’re doing on your electricity budget, so that you can adjust your usage to avoid any unexpected electricity bills.

Energy reports in your inbox

We ensure you’re informed about your energy profile. You can choose whether you’d like detailed reports daily, weekly or along with your bill cycle.

24x7 Solar Monitoring

Sailax solar monitoring provides you an overall picture of your solar energy generation and consumption. This allows you to identify your energy profile and review your requirements.

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Sailax Solar

Electricity prices have been increasing all across Australia. By having your own system to generate electricity, you ensure a long-term reduction in electricity costs. Also, through adoption of solar energy, your company can meet your CSR goals by ensuring environment sustainability.

Our solar experts will guide you on product specifications and solar savings. Get a free assessment today by contacting us on the phone number or email below.