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Sailax Group believes in adapting as fast as possible to the changing world. The new world we live in is uncertain, unpredictable and the labour is susceptible to disease and dangers. Sailax Ai is determined to redefine and revolutionize the scope of the security industry by combining existing technology with advanced Ai and deep machine learning systems to make processes more proactive than reactive.

We believe in enabling our workforce with a safe environment to work in with the help of Ai systems which accommodate all types of industries. SailaxAi is determined to redefine and revolutionize the scope of all industries with advanced Ai and deep machine learning systems to make processes more proactive than reactive.

Sailax AI

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Real Time Ai Solutions

SailaxAi systems can monitor processes and on-site abnormal behaviour in real time. It uses methods such as target detection and positioning, behaviour assessment and analysis to monitor and implement procedures such as dangerous object placement warning, health and safety concerns, process productivity maximisation, warning of dangerous behaviour etc. For instance, real time monitoring at construction sites for hard hat detection, identifying illegally parked vehicles, identifying wrongly piled materials etc. It can minimise accidents and track illegal dynamics of workers. It also can automate many processes 24 hours a day like a vehicle check-in, identifying the number of workers and their tags etc.
SailaxAi also has developed advanced Ai systems in traffic management. Our developed Ai systems cater to handle traffic control and management in an urban environment and assist officials to utilise resources which are already deployed. Our AI system can obtain real-time urban traffic conditions and also identify traffic element anomalies like illegal parking, crash incident report, motorbikes driving on the bus lane, traffic congestion assessment etc.

Ai Based Process Monitoring Service

Our Ai Process monitoring system via our secure verification centre uses a rolling baseline to learn daily – constantly establishing a ‘new normal’ set of behaviours so they can proactively identify the ‘not normal’ and alert operators if and when it happens.This next-gen business process monitoring system not only identifies liabilities, but most of all lets you focus where it matters most.
SailaxAi Based Process Monitoring Service can be used for detecting abnormal activity, health and safety procedure, criminal activity, suspicious behaviour, illegal behaviour, etc. The video capturing Ai servers from our Australian based control room extracts video content from client’s existing CCTV systems on site and process those images through our Ai machine deep learning servers. This process identifies abnormal events and behaviour.
SailaxAi automatically works hard to make it a safe, secure and sustainable world for everyone.

COVID-19 Ai Solutions

SailaxAi promises to put the medical industry into overdrive with real-time AI solutions. Our deep machine learning can provide COVID-19 Ai solutions by real-time temperature scans and AI process monitoring. Our Ai systems also monitor social distancing and absence of face masks on people.
The health sector is one of the largest growing industries globally, with an expected growth of 13% in the next five years. To monitor the ageing population, SailaxAi enables systems like patient fall detection, fall prevention, patient loitering, bedsore management, care staff efficiency management etc. Our Ai systems assist caretakers to monitor their patients and residents efficiently and minimise risks.

TIS-Body Temp Scan

The thermal image scanner is a plug and play device, instantly deployable detection system designed to scan, secure and to save lives from unseen threats.TIS takes a person’s temperature in-under one second, with better than ±0.5 ̊C precision. It creates a fast, affordable and reliable screening system for hotels, airports, schools, hospitals, office buildings and other populated areas.