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Sailax AI

Sailax Group believes in adapting dynamically to the changing world. The new world we live in is uncertain, unpredictable and the labour is susceptible to disease and dangers. Sailax is determined to redefine and revolutionise the scope of the security industry by combining existing technology with advanced Ai and deep machine learning systems to make processes more proactive than reactive. Touted as the world’s first Ai based video monitoring solution, Sailax Group provides bespoke solutions to any type of organisation. Whether it is a small business or a large public space like airports and train stations, Sailax Group analyses your business requirements to provide a solution that creates a long term sustainable strategy for you. While the technology uses existing hardware, there is no capital expenditure or additional investment to get your site ready for AI.

Sailax AI

Reliable & Safe


Process Monitoring Solution

A customizable solution that can be integrated into your existing CCTV cameras and can monitor activities of concern and send daily reports to the authorized.

Business Intelligence Solution

Sailax Ai provides you with a powerful business intelligence arsenal that can enable you to connect with your customers better and help you manage your operations more effectively.

Nursing Home Solutions

We at Sailax AI deliver top-notch AI-driven competence to empower your medical system and tackle any kind of crisis coming your way. We provide both Real-Time and Non-Real-Time solutions based on client objectives.

COVID Solution

A real-time monitoring solution that can mitigate the risk of opening your doors to the public. Protocols monitored in this solution :
Temperature scanning, Use of protective equipment, Social Distancing protocols

Our world-class AI-driven competence provides you with new management capabilities that enhance your resilience to current challenges and those of the future.