About Us

Changing Today,

For a Better World Tomorrow

Sailax Group is a pioneering company that provides sustainable solutions for businesses with a keen focus on bettering life with technology. We aim to provide affordable, alternative, and sustainable solutions that urge people to choose a sustainable lifestyle. With over 50 years of experience in our ventures of Solar, LED, AI, and Digital Business Cards, we have taken sustainability to the next level.

Our products are reliable and efficient and continue to drive innovation in a way that helps decarbonize our economy. We give energy saving schemes to both commercial and domestic properties so you can play your role in slowing down and reversing climate change. Sustainability is not a ploy but the core principle of Sailax group and we are determined to work towards it.


environment first

With our initiatives, we aim to inspire people to do their bit to live in a better, greener and safer world. We Continue To Strengthen Our Commitment To Providing Clean, Renewable And Greener Alternatives That Assist You In Making Environmentally Conscious Buying Choices. This Is Because We Believe One Person Or One Organisation Can Go A Long Way In Putting The Environment First.The Urgency Is Too Real – We’re Here To Help You Switch.

Innovation and

Customer satisfaction

Sailax group is engaged in constantly innovating solutions for the problems of today’s world. Powered by a team of experts, Sailax understands how and figures how to. We assess businesses, organizations and government bodies to analyze and understand the needs and objectives of an organization.

Sailax does not pitch you a solution, we ask how our clients envision an ideal solution. We design a solution based on your vision and our vision to save the environment. Sailax is committed to 100% customer satisfaction. We aim to keep up with the dynamic demands of our clientele and work towards it with utmost dedication.