Solar Electricity Technology

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How Solar Electricity Technology Works

With fossil fuels and other non-renewable power sources on their way out, it’s time to look for a different way to power our lives. Solar energy truly is a technological marvel, using the sun’s natural energy to keep electricity alive – we’ve certainly come a long way from solar cells on calculators. But how exactly does it work?


The suns light is absorbed by the solar panels

Solar Panel

Converts the DC electricity into AC electricity, suitable for your home


Converts the DC into AC, electricity, suitable for your home


Any excess is exported to the electricity grid

To Keep It Relatively Non-Scientific, We’ve Made A Step-By-Step Guide That’s Easy To Follow:

You purchase solar panels and have them professionally fitted to your home/office

Solar panels, or ‘photovoltaic (PV)’ panels, are installed somewhere that is prone to the most sunlight throughout the day.

When sun is shining, panels ‘collect’ the rays

Throughout the day, the sun shines onto the PV module array, allowing it to convert the collected energy to direct current (DC) form. Even if the weather is overcast, due to the advanced technology the PV panels will still receive some energy.

Solar electricity is converted to a useable form

As your building is wired to run alternating current (AC), the DC power that has been collected needs to be changed to be compatible with the power grid that runs on 240V AC electricity. This is performed using something called an inverter.

Your building’s electricity uses the solar energy

Once the electricity is in AC form, it is fed into your building and will provide power to anything within that runs on electricity. Any additional power you require on top of what your PV panels are supplying, including nights when you are obviously unable to utilise the sun’s rays, will be taken from the grid.

Energy credits are rewarded for excesses

If you don’t actually use all of the solar energy that your PV panels have collected, the excess will be sent back to the electricity grid, which will lead to a credit for you from the utility company.

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